With 5+5mm Al+Pb shielding

The device serves for manuall extracting and distributing radionuclide solutions. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of exposure and contamination of employees handling radioactive solutions. It allows maintaining aseptic conditions when working with preparations to be administered by injection.

shielding screen pt 205 r2

Main components of the device

  • Stand base with a shield consisting of 5 mm Pb (outer layer) and 5 mm Al (inner layer)
  • Cylindrical lid with a tapered opening serving for inserting need les into the vial. The lid has the same shielding layers as he stand base.
  • Lid holder with clampping jaw and with an extra 5 mm Pb lid shield.
  • securind bolt
  • sliding stretcher
  • 10 ml syringe sheilding consisting of the 6 mm Al base and 10 mm plexi-blass cover.

Related devices

Slanted stands types PT 173 R3, PT 194 R2 a PT 278 R0, all parts except the base with the lid are interchangeable. Modified hemostat PT 172 R2 is recomended to apply needles into the vial.

Main dimensions

  • Maximum total height: 10 ml cover) 178 mm
  • Maximum width: 68 mm
  • Maximum length: 107 mm
  • Outer diameter: 50 mm
  • Maximum vial diameter: 26 mm
  • Maximum vial height: 48 mm


  • Total: 1.8 kg

Accessories Supplied with the device

  • None

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