In cooperation with US partners Tru Motion products, Lynax developed the PET dose dispenser designed for use in a hot cell, operated by Tru motion manipulators.


  • Simplicity and excellence in design – reliable device
  • Combination of lead and tungsten shielding results in small dimensions and reliable radiation protection at the same time
  • Carefully balanced shielded vial container provides very easy and accurate manipulation
  • Direct measuring of the activity inside the syringe speeds up the process considerably thus saving expensive radiopharmaceutical
  • 20 sec for one dose!! Patented solution
  • Step motor controlled mechanical syringe slider provides unfailing repeatability of syringe positioning
  • Small footprint enables excellent exploitation of the cell desktop and easy manipulation with syringe pigs
  • Built – in long term stability test systemLED diods indicate the status of the device
tungsten syringe shield pt 358 r5 5ml pt 359 r5 3ml

Device Design, Purpose & Usage

The device has been designed to facilitate, simplify and speed up the PET dose preparation in hot cells equipped with TRU-MOTION manipulators.

After the syringe has been located into the socket carried by the electrically driven slider, the actuator moves the syringe into the working position with its needle introduced into the vial stopper.

With the actuator keeping the slider in its position, the operator prepares the dose using the manipulator by pulling the plunger down until the desired activity is indicated on the screen. This measuring process takes approximately 20 sec. The actuator then transports the slider back to the initial position for the technician to remove the syringe and cover it so it can be placed into the transport shield.

Main dimensions PT498R0

  • Width 13 "
  • Depth 11,25 "
  • Hight 13 "
  • Weight 95 lbs

Accessories Supplied with the Device

  • Holders for 3ml and 5ml syringe

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