With shielding screen and waste container shielded by 20mm Pb

The device has been designed for shielded containers or any medical materials to be placed on the open space of the table and the contaminated materials to be set aside into a shielded container. It enables to transport the material mentioned above.

Its purpose is to limit the risk of exposing the medical health care stuff to radiation and contamination when handling radioactive materials. It is intended to secure a safe and simple manner of transporting the material located on the table surface and inside the shielded container. It provides reliable stopping at a chosen location by means of two braked wheels. It enables to be drawn near the patients bed and even the trestleboard to be shifted over the bed. The convex shape of the table surface enables capturing of accidentally spilled liquids and limits the possibility of objects falling to the ground. The shielded container is designed for using a paper insert for wastes of a diameter of 155 mm and a height of 300 mm.

tungsten syringe shield pt 358 r5 5ml pt 359 r5 3ml

Main components of the device

  • table frame - stainless steel structure having four freely turning wheels two of them being equipped by a total lock.
  • trestleboard with shielded wastes container - stainless steel sheet tray carrying the container cover welded on it. The container has 20 mm Pb shielding and a removable stainless steel inner shell (provides easy cleaning).
  • rotating lid - steel lid with yellow fired epoxy coating, 20 mm lead circular shielding inside the lid, handle.
  • shielding screen - 20mm lead panel covered by a stainless steel casing. There is a holder made of stainless steel tube toward the operating staff in the proper height.

Main Dimensions

  • Max. height (screen) 1080 mm
  • Max. width (across wheels) 632 mm
  • Max. length (across wheels) 907 mm
  • Height of the table surface 786 mm
  • Inner trestleboard width 410 mm
  • Inner trestleboard length 565 mm
  • Inner diameter of container 155 mm
  • Inner height of container 300 mm
  • Wheel diameter 100 mm
  • Loading capacity 40 kg
  • Weight: 162 kg

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