Park the dose preparation under clean air conditions wherever you want!

  • Laminar flow module equipped with H14 HEPA filter
  • Designed for all types of Lynax dispensers
  • Movable Pb glass (10mm eqv.) for additional protection
  • Workspace illuminated by LED light
  • All equipment of the assembly powered by the incorporated battery
  • Syringe shields holders simplify the manipulation
  • Wastes container shielded by 20 mm Pb
  • Two of four wheels lockable
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the stainless steel supporting part and baked varnish on the air filtering part
Mobile Table VILY PT565

Technical specifications

  • HEPA filter H14
  • Pb glass 10 mm Pb equivalent
  • Wastes container 20 mm Pb shield
  • Automatic wastes container lid opening (on request)


  • Height ..... 418 mm
  • Width ..... 411 mm
  • Depth ..... 299 mm
  • Weight ..... 84 kg

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