Laminar flow cells are designed to protect the product from particulate and bacterial contamination and to provide reliable protection of the operator against ionizing radiation effects at the same time. 

The detailed design considers their special purpose with respect to the need of the user. 

Two types of laminar flow cells are available. Each type can be equipped with different shielding.

Workspace dimensions


Width ..... 1225 mm

Height ..... 690 mm

Depth ..... 580 mm


Width ..... 1825 mm

Height ..... 690 mm

Depth ..... 580 mm

Laminar Flow Cells

MBB12 - version for locating Lynax PET dispensers

MBB18 PET/Ga - with Eckert Ziegler 68Ga technology installation and Lynax dispensers PT459R2 - for PET tracers and 177Lu dose preparation.


Technical Characteristics

Performance classes:

Leak tightness performance ..... Ll-C

Cleaning performance ..... Cl-C

Sterilization performance ..... Sl-C

Cleanliness class acc. to US FS 209 E ..... 100 (M 3,5)

Cleanliness class acc. to EN lSO 14644 ..... ISO 5

Supply voltage [V/Hz] ..... 230V / 50Hz

Airflow velocity (m/s) ..... 0,40 ± 0,05

Noise level (dB(A)) ..... max. 56

MBB were tested for all tests and obtained the highest performance and safety marks according to the scale of the EN 12469 standard.

Features of the CR2000 control system: selection of operating modes; user access rights management; remote control using Android, iOS, Windows; UV-C timers, heating surface, etc.; remote service support, setting of alarm limits for airflow speed, pressure, temperatures on heating surfaces, etc., setting of light intensity level, indication of pressure on high-efficiency.

The working space of the workstation can be fully closed by a sliding front window with safety glass. Thanks to the frameless solution, it allows an excellent view. The front window is fully motorized using precise linear drives with feedback and position monitoring. Thanks to this solution, long-term safe and reliable operation is ensured.

The lighting of the working space is provided by LED lighting with high luminosity. It is equipped with continuous regulation (0-100%) to set the ideal lighting comfort.

An efficient germicidal, UV-C lamp is installed in the work area. The shape and location ensure perfect decontamination of the workspace without disrupting the laminar airflow. The lamp is controlled via a touch screen, advanced timer, or remotely via a mobile phone.

High load capacity of the working surface enables installation of Lynax dispensers and any type of shielding or protecting equipment for manipulation with radiopharmaceuticals.

Dose calibrator with automatic positioning of the measured sample is located in a properly designed shielding system. The location of the sliding lead glass allows easy access to the work surface while providing sufficient radiation protection. Compartment for Two Tc generators with automatic positioning. Wastes compartment for location of two plastic containers.

MBB18 SPECT – with compartment for two Tc generators with automatic positioning


Shielding Parameters

The thickness of the shielding layers can be modified according to the customer's requirements.

Basic design:

Sliding lead glass ..... Equivalent 10 mm Pb

Working surface ..... 10, 20 mm Pb

Walls ..... 10, 20 mm Pb

Dose calibrator ..... 30, 50 mm Pb

Tc generators ..... 30, 50 mm Pb

68Ga equipment ..... 30, 50 mm Pb

Wastes compartment ..... 10, 20 mm Pb

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